Tuesday, November 10, 2009

write in the vim room?

ever since i first saw it i always liked the idea of writeroom, but since i'm not writing that much on a regular basis i never bothered to get a license and give it a real spin. then, a couple of days ago, the latest macheist gave away free licenses with their "nanoBundle" plus i also had the need to write some slightly longer document...
but essentially from the moment i started i badly missed the vi-bindings i've grown used to — at least when writing text. after a bit of poking i found that macvim also support full-screen mode! however, even after mimicking the color scheme it was still a bit cumbersome to get going: fire up macvim, activate the color scheme, get rid of visually annoying scrollbars, increase the font size and finally hit ⇧⌘F...
so to cut the story short, here's my current workaround:
  • step 1: put the following into ~/.vim/fullscreen.vim
    " vim fullscreen mode
    set background=dark
    set guifont=Monaco:h17
    set guioptions=egmLtT
    set lines=40 columns=80
    " `fullscreen` needs to go after `lines` etc
    set fuoptions=
    set fullscreen
    highlight clear
    highlight Normal     guifg=#00a000      guibg=Black
    highlight NonText    guifg=#002000
    highlight Search     guifg=Black        guibg=#606000   gui=bold
    highlight Visual     guifg=#404040                      gui=bold
    highlight Cursor     guifg=Black        guibg=Green     gui=bold
    highlight Special    guifg=#004000
    highlight Comment    guifg=#008000
    highlight StatusLine guifg=blue         guibg=white
    highlight Statement  guifg=#004000                      gui=NONE
    highlight constant   guifg=#005000                      gui=NONE
    highlight preproc    guifg=#005000                      gui=NONE
    highlight Type                                          gui=NONE
  • step 2: add this line to your ~/.bashrc
    alias fvim="mvim -S ~/.vim/fullscreen.vim"
  • step 3: fire it up...
    $ fvim README.txt
  • step 4: focus!

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  1. I like what you did with the writeroom clone, I made a few of my own mods. I also added a shortcut in vim to activate as well.

    All the other available clones try and do crazy blank window buffer tricks. Your approach was definitely the cleanest.

    Details are here: